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Geelong Digital Security Ajax All in One System

In Australia alone, there were 369,488 individuals pursued by law enforcement, marking a 3% increase compared to the previous year.

However, a significant number of individuals either disregard home security solutions altogether or opt for do-it-yourself systems that lack the sophistication and reliability of professional-grade alternatives.

Although these DIY systems offer a level of protection, they often fall short of providing a comprehensive and truly secure solution.

This is where Geelong Digital Security comes in with their Ajax all-in-one system, often likened to the Apple of the security system industry. Similar to Apple's approach, Ajax has built a reputation for its elegant design, user-friendly experience, and exceptional proprietary technologies.

In contrast to DIY security setups, Ajax represents a professional-grade security solution that aims to provide all-encompassing safeguarding. Boasting a collection of over 50 wireless and wired devices, Ajax covers a wide array of functions to ensure peace of mind—whether safeguarding against burglaries, fires, or floods—for homes, offices, stores, or even large-scale production facilities.

Using intelligent motion detectors that are pet-friendly and immune to animals under 50cm and 20kg, Ajax keeps a vigilant watch both inside and outside your residence. It also offers photo verification of alarms, aiding users and security firms in making well-informed decisions regarding potential threats. Notably, it even supports integration with third-party video cameras for high-definition surveillance.

While its wired device series, Fibra, provides an excellent range of security solutions, Ajax's wireless line, known as Jeweller, takes the spotlight. Jeweller employs Ajax Systems' proprietary radio protocol for bi-directional communication spanning up to 2000m. With an average battery life of 5-7 years, transitioning to wireless security presents minimal concerns.

Enhancing security further, the system employs encrypted data transmission, rendering it immune to spoofing due to device authentication. Should any malicious activity be detected, the Ajax hub switches to an unoccupied radio frequency and promptly notifies both the user and the security company. With backup battery life of 15-16 hours and multiple communication channel options, power outages pose no threat.

Ajax's Grade 2 certification and adherence to the EN 50131 security standard underscore the meticulous attention to detail, as these accreditations are reserved for systems capable of withstanding adept attackers employing specialized tools.

It's important to note that due to its complexity, Ajax strongly recommends professional installation to ensure flawless service for all users.

While these security solutions are impressive on their own, their integration with smart home functionalities elevates them to extraordinary levels. Indeed, Ajax offers a range of smart home devices and features, granting control over power supply, lighting, and select electrical appliances. Utilizing Ajax's scenarios, users can automate various household tasks, triggered by alarms, mode changes, or schedules. For instance, the system can be programmed to halt water flow to prevent flooding or deactivate potential ignition sources in the event of a fire alarm. Additionally, users can simulate home activity while away on vacation through scheduled actions.

Ajax is managed through a single mobile app, providing complete control regardless of your location or concerns about home security.

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