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Ajax Systems protect Banksy artwork

Ajax Systems has delivered a solution for protecting the works of world-famous artist Banksy in the Kyiv region. Project was developed by the initiative of the Kyiv regional military administration and local administration.

Ajax wireless security systems were installed on 4 Banksy’s paintings in Borodyanka, Irpin, and Horenka. Art objects are protected against potential vandalism and weather conditions. Objects are monitored 24/7 by the Sheriff security company. The rapid security team will instantly respond to stealing or damaging attempts. The paintings will be protected until delivered to the museum.

The MotionCam Outdoor PhOD motion detectors and DoorProtect Plus opening detectors protect the objects against attempts to damage or approach the artwork. The built-in sensors react to shocks and vibrations. In case of an alarm, the StreetSiren siren activates, and the rapid response team arrives. The transparent polycarbonate walls protect the artworks from the external environment. The picture of a judoka in Borodyanka also has a temporary protective structure with the LifeQuality smart air quality monitor inside. LifeQuality monitors the CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. The WallSwitch relay helps maintain the microclimate conditions to keep the painting safe.