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CCTV Systems

The landscape of security has been transformed by Video Surveillance, which has brought about a significant evolution in the conventional alarm system. Through the integration of CCTV cameras, property owners now possess the capability to not only monitor but also record incidents for subsequent analysis, enhancing the potential for identifying intruders.

In contrast to the conventional alarm systems, where confirming the presence of an intruder can often be a lengthier process before notifying law enforcement of the situation's exact location, Video Surveillance technology offers a swift means of intruder verification. This accelerated verification empowers the prompt notification of the police within mere minutes following a break-in or any untoward incident.

Video Surveillance Cameras

HD Digital CCTV Surveillance Cameras, coupled with HD/megapixel technology, amplify the resolution of network cameras beyond IP CCTV counterparts, translating to superior detail and broader coverage—crucial for video surveillance. An HDTV or megapixel network camera delivers a resolution at least eight times superior to an IP CCTV camera.

Compare IP Cameras with innovative HD-SDI Video Surveillance systems: the amalgamation of HDTV/megapixel network cameras or HD Digital CCTV Cameras with specialized non-megapixel network cameras (tailored for features like potent optical zoom, exceptional light sensitivity, or affordability) crafts efficient, dependable, and cost-effective video surveillance setups.

HD Video Surveillance Cameras

HDTV and HD digital CCTV network cameras have a crucial role in video surveillance. HD cameras offer more detailed and wider coverage images than standard ones. HD digital CCTV adapts HDTV, megapixel, and network tech based on your needs. For broad overviews like parking or customer flow, one HDTV/megapixel camera or non-megapixel cameras suffice. In identifying people or items, like point-of-sale scrutiny, high-detail is achieved using telescopic or zoom-equipped HD cameras, placed strategically.

Opting for HDTV or HD digital CCTV consistently yields higher-resolution, more detailed images than non-megapixel counterparts, exceeding standard "IP" CCTV quality. Security alarms reduce burglary risk, possibly earning contents insurance discounts.

CCTV Installation

With a dedicated focus spanning over two decades, Geelong Digital Security specializes in home and business security systems, CCTV installation, and Video Surveillance across the Geelong, Bellarine, Melbourne, and surrounding suburban regions.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our top-tier CCTV installations. We procure security cameras and systems at the most competitive prices, leveraging well-established partnerships to extend substantial savings to our valued clientele.

Whether enhancing existing security systems through CCTV integration or devising comprehensive security setups inclusive of tailored CCTV cameras, we cater to diverse needs and budgets. Our expert guidance facilitates the selection of optimal cameras and digital video recording equipment, all while streamlining the most cost-effective installation processes for your property.

Our security solutions offer the convenience of remote viewing via smartphones, tablets, or laptops – a popular and invaluable feature. This functionality proves especially beneficial for occupants away from the premises, enabling real-time security alerts and visual monitoring to aid in identifying potential threats. In contrast to conventional security alarms, our CCTV installations drastically slash alarm response times, curbing property damage and enhancing law enforcement's arrest capabilities.

CCTV Installation Options & Considerations

  • Standard or ultra high definition UHD security cameras will determine the video resolution and upload speed of the video.
  • Infrared security cameras with night vision.
  • Multi-use security cameras designed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Hard wired or wireless security cameras or a mix of both (depending on access to power and battery life).
  • Standard or motion sensing security cameras that start recording when movement is detected (saves battery life).
  • Remote access so you can view footage from a separate location.
  • Digital video recording devices or cloud storage solutions to capture and store vision for future reference.
  • Monitoring of the security cameras via a separate monitor or your television.
  • Pan, tilt & zoom security cameras with control unit for easy use.
  • Audio link security camera capabilities as communication can be good deterrent.

Statistics suggest that a property is less likely to be burgled compared to a property without an alarm system and if you have the security system monitored, you may be entitled to a substantial discount on your contents insurance and this can include CCTV security cameras.

If you need to upgrade your security system or are considering a CCTV Installation for your property in or around Geelong or Melbourne, contact us or give us a call on 0417 384 787 and we can discuss your specific requirements to supply and install a security system for your home or business.

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