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Security Camera Installation Geelong

Statistics show that homes and businesses are less likely to be targeted when security cameras have been installed and have proven to be an effective deterrent at keeping thieves and intruders away. But if you do have a security camera system installed and are unlucky enough to have a security breach, you will at least have video evidence of the incident to pass on to authorities which can be a huge advantage in catching perpetrators and having stolen items returned.

Security camera technology has made huge advancements over the past few years especially when it comes to video quality and camera functionality. Some cameras can send video notifications when triggered, determine access to secure areas via facial recognition, and even backup video footage to cloud storage.

The problem is that there are many different brands and options to choose from which is why it can be difficult to select the best security camera for your application. Whether you contract a professional security company or choose to install security cameras yourself, there are a few important considerations so your security cameras are reliable and provide a high level of security.

Following are some questions to consider before you decide on a security camera installation for your home or business - 

  • How many cameras will you need?
  • Wireless or wired cameras?
  • Analog or HD cameras?
  • WiFi, Digital or IP cameras?
  • Should cameras have IP protection?
  • What type of video quality do you need?
  • How much resolution is enough?
  • Is audio recording required?
  • Indoor or outdoor cameras?
  • Is motion detection required?
  • Type of cables & weatherproof connections?
  • Video signal boosting requirements?
  • What area will they cover, field of view?
  • Night vision, infrared or non-infrared cameras?
  • Fixed or pan, tilt, zoom cameras?
  • Solar, battery or 240 powered?
  • Best positioning of cameras?
  • Lighting requirements?
  • Type and size of hard drive needed?
  • Where to store hard drive?
  • Type of monitor to view camera footage?
  • System management & software requirements?
  • Backup to cloud storage?
  • Remote access to cameras?
  • Smartphone app integration?
  • Future system upgrade ability?
  • Firmware updates?
  • Back to base monitoring?
  • Ongoing support & equipment warranties?
  • Cost of security camera installation?
  • Cost of security cameras?

If you would like to discuss your security requirements with a professional, or are considering a security camera installation at your home or business in Geelong or surrounding areas, we can recommend the best system to suit your budget. Email Geelong Digital Security or contact us on 0417 384 787.