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The ultimate security with automation

Geelong Digital Security excels in providing advanced security and automation solutions. Our expertise extends to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as Ajax scenarios, which enhance both security and convenience. These scenarios revolutionize traditional security systems by offering comprehensive protection while elevating the experience of being at home, in the office, or at work.

By automating smart homes with Ajax scenarios, we ensure that every command is seamlessly transmitted to the hub and executed flawlessly. 

With Geelong Digital Security, you can trust that your security system not only resists threats but also takes your comfort and peace of mind to a whole new level. Experience the seamless integration of protection and automation with our advanced Ajax scenarios.

Scheduled Night Mode

Night Mode arms both the property perimeter and the street. This is the optimal solution for the residential sector and business. Adjust automatic disarming to avoid unnecessary disturbance and false emergency call-outs.

Water leak prevention

Ajax water leak detectors identify a pipe breakage, boiler, washing machine, or dishwasher leaking immediately. An activated scenario can automatically shut down running water to prevent flooding.

Automatic doors and roller shutters

Situations like someone forgot to close a roller shutter or lock a door are now completely excluded. Set up scenarios to activate electric locks and roller shutters automatically as the user arms the system or by schedule.


Use scenarios to turn on projectors if outdoor motion detectors are activated. The bright lights and loud sirens reliably protect against burglars approaching the house.

Scheduled light control

Automation scenarios allow switching on the lights by schedule when disarming the security system or by an alarm to see intruders better and deter them. Also, you can configure the system so that the activation of one switch triggers all the switches on-site. Thus, one move turns off the lights in the entire facility.

Home activity simulation

When planning a vacation, the user can easily set up a schedule to simulate home activity with lights and audio system sounds. That way, the house won't look empty and attract the attention of the burglars.

Cutting off the power after a fire alarm

Fire detectors immediately respond to smoke or temperature increase. Set a scenario to switch off the potential cause of ignition.

Heating on schedule

Save money on heating with Ajax scenarios. Adjusting the underfloor heating schedule and turning on the electric boiler automatically at night — when tariffs are lower.

Automated ventilation

Avoid the high CO2 concentration impact on productivity. Scenarios activate ventilation and restore air quality.