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Remotely controlled water shutoff valve

Not a drop of problems

WaterStop automatically shuts off the water in 5 seconds at a facility with an Ajax security system if LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered. The device combines a high-quality valve and a powerful electric actuator. You can control WaterStop and check its status from anywhere in the world — all you need is an Internet connection and an Ajax app. You can also create a scenario to shut the water off at a specific time or when arming the system.

Wherever there is a risk of water leak

Industrial Premises

Private Residence

Public space

    Discover future-proof hardware

    • Electric actuator
    • Button to control the water supply
    • Locker to mount electric actuator without tools
    • Mounting platform with lever for manual shutoff
    • Bonomi Industries shutoff valve

    Water shut-off in 5 seconds

    WaterStop is equipped with a powerful actuator of up to 8.5 N•m torque. This is enough to shut off even a stuck-up valve without the risk of damaging it. Under normal operating conditions, WaterStop shuts off the water in 5 seconds after the command or automatically by scenario whenever LeaksProtect or a third-party sensor detects flooding. In a setting with a ¾-inch pipe and 2.5 bar of pressure in the water supply system, less than 1 liter of water will leak out.

    Inside the water leak prevention system based on Ajax, every device operates either on pre-installed batteries or has a backup power supply in case of a blackout. The system monitors the facility 24/7, giving you complete peace of mind that the property is protected.

    • Shuts even a stuck-up valve

    • Suitable for facilities with unstable or no power supply

    Protected on every level

    WaterStop is suitable for controlling both hot and cold water supplies and is ready to operate in challenging environments. With additional protection, WaterStop withstands overcurrent and notifies about overheating, making it impossible for the electric actuator to fail even when the shutoff valve is stuck.
    • Overheating notification
    • Overcurrent protection

    One-stop solid brassware

    WaterStop is available in three versions with different valve options: ½” (DN 15), ¾” (DN 20), or 1” (DN 25). Those are the most common sizes used to cover any demand, from residential to business facilities. Also, the WaterStop electric actuator is compatible with all ball valves that meet the ISO 5211 standard. So when it comes to specific tasks and sizes, a plumber installs an available on every market compatible valve, and the installation engineer easily connects the electric actuator.

    Installation without any construction involved

    The myth about anti-flood systems being difficult to install is busted. Ajax minimized an expensive, long, and dusty experience for clients and professionals. Cutting-edge hardware and software engineering allowed us to implement advanced capabilities with significant autonomy in a compact size. Miniature Ajax water leak detectors suit hard-to-reach places and do not require enclosure disassembling — they can be installed on a horizontal surface without attaching. The shutoff valve is installed in line with an existing plumbing system. The actuator unit does not require wires and fits limited spaces, having four possible installation positions towards the valve.

    Autonomous operation

    Stable performance for years


    No additional cable routing is required: WaterStop is autonomous and does not depend on the 110 or 220 V~ grid. With a 3-year battery life and no wires, the installation process takes much less time and effort. Ajax apps will notify an installation engineer and users about the low battery level in advance. The batteries are replaceable — so after three years, the installer pops the new ones, and WaterStop continues to operate as usual.
    • Up to 3 years of operation with pre-installed batteries
    • In-app low battery warning
    • Replaceable CR123A batteries

    External power supply

    When a constant shut-off valve operation is required or the installation place uses extreme temperatures, the batteries can discharge faster.

    An option to connect a 9–12 V⎓ power supply will come in handy, eliminating frequent battery replacement and reducing service costs.

    And the pre-installed batteries will serve as a backup, so even in a power outage WaterStop continues to operate without any problem.

    • 9–12 V⎓ power supply connection
    • Pre-installed batteries as a backup power source
    • 9–12 V⎓ power supply unit is not included in the WaterStop complete set.

    Unique wireless technologies

    The Ajax system uses two-way secure radio communication based on Jeweller proprietary protocol. It supports block cipher encryption and device authentication on every session with the hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft.

    Ajax wireless technology has up to 1,100 meters of radio signal communication range in an open space, making it on average longer than competing solutions from different manufacturers. Automatic power adjustment makes it energy efficient by not using the maximum power of radio transmitters in system devices on a regular basis. It is also more stable, using less noisy radio frequencies. For protection against radio interference and signal interception, Ajax hubs use frequency hopping: the system automatically changes frequency within a band and notifies the security company and users about the jamming.

    • Up to 1,100 meters of radio communication range with a hub

    • Encrypted two-way radio communication
    • Notifications about jamming and connection loss