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Security Systems

When it comes to securing your home effectively, you can rely on Geelong Digital Security, a trusted supplier. The key lies in establishing multiple layers of security to discourage potential burglars from targeting your property.

For optimal protection, your home security system should incorporate several components provided by Geelong Digital Security.

This includes perimeter deterrents like sturdy fences and gates, well-placed lighting around the outer areas and walls of your house, and comprehensive CCTV coverage of external spaces. Additionally, Geelong Digital Security offers top-notch locks and secure entry points to fortify your home's defenses. And to complete your home security setup, consider investing in their high-quality alarm system for added peace of mind.

By implementing these layers of security, you can create a formidable defense against potential threats to your property.

What you should look for in a home alarm system?

At its core, a robust and integrated alarm system should:

  • Assist in detecting any unauthorized entry to the property
  • Detect intruders at all entry points, including doors and windows
  • Trigger alerts to the owner and/or a monitoring service, providing details of the breach location
  • If possible, transmit imagery or video feed to the owner and monitoring service
  • Offer an emergency function for owners to activate panic alarms, signal medical emergencies, or request assistance
  • Be capable of seamless integration into existing home automation and security systems, such as CCTV.

What questions to ask when selecting your alarm system

  • What is the extent of protection needed for my property?
  • What additional features do I desire in my alarm system to bolster safety?
  • How large is my house, and which specific areas require coverage from the alarm system?
  • How can the alarm system be seamlessly integrated into my house's structure and other existing technologies?
  • What are the typical routines of my family members?
  • How can the alarm system be tailored to support and accommodate our daily routines effectively?

Ajax Alarm Systems

Geelong Digital Security Ultimate Alarm System

Geelong Security Systems offering you the
one of the most advanced alarm systems in the world

Geelong Digital Security has formed a long, strong partnership with Ajax Alarm Systems. At Ajax, the core belief is that individuals should not have to endure fear in the modern world. Their ever-evolving security system offers continuous reassurance. When shielded by the dependable safeguard of Ajax, individuals are shielded from potential threats such as burglars, fires, or leaks that could result in significant damage to both property and people. 

Ajax Systems functions as a technology company, crafting solutions that push the boundaries of technology and science. These breakthroughs are seamlessly integrated into their devices. Ajax devices are designed to operate effectively even in the most demanding circumstances, standing always prepared to avert tragedies.

Hub 2 Plus

Communication with the outer world is critical for alarm control panels. Its reliability guarantees prompt delivery of alarm signals to Alarm Receiving Center and system users.

Available in Black & White


Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.

Available in Black & White


We have combined special optics with a software filter for false alarms in motion detectors. Along with a professional installation, it gives high detection accuracy.

Available in Black & White

MotionCam Outdoor

MotionCam Outdoor recognizes intrusion from the very first steps on the territory and confirms it with an animated series of photos. Visual verification helps to instantly ascertain the situation, saving users from concerns, and security companies from unnecessary patrol dispatches.

Available in White

DualCurtain Outdoor

DualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing sectors and flexible settings allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms. 

Available in White


Wireless touch keypad is used to arm/disarm an Ajax security system. It is mounted in the room near the entrance door to provide quick access to the keypad.

Available in Black & White

KeyPad Plus

KeyPad Plus is a combination of design, advanced encryption technology, and elaborated user experience for the most straightforward and protected security management. Arm and disarm Ajax, activate Night Mode and manage specific groups with a Pass card or Tag key fob.

Available in Black & White

StreetSiren DoubleDeck

StreetSiren DoubleDeck needs less than a second to activate a powerful siren and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm signal. Any break-in will be immediately exposed.

Available in Black & White

FireProtect (Heat & Smoke)

FireProtect 2 is a next-gen detector designed for residential fire safety. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, the dual-spectrum sensor distinguishes smoke from steam, the thermistor quickly reacts to the synthetic materials burning, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms

Available in Black & White


LeaksProtect can be placed even in hard-to-reach places. It doesn't require installation, goes years without maintenance, and works 24/7. If your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks, the detector will react immediately and report an accident. 

Available in Black & White


WaterStop automatically shuts off the water in 5 seconds at a facility with an Ajax security system if LeaksProtect or a third-party water leak detector is triggered. The device combines a high-quality valve and a powerful electric actuator. 


Poor air quality threatens health and reduces productivity. It has been proven that high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) causes apathy and drowsiness and reduces the ability to make important decisions by more than 50%.

Software for users

Ajax has redesigned the end-user app to make it holistic and more comfortable without changing the familiar system control patterns. Big icons, contrasted fonts, color coding, special menu for automation devices — every element makes a difference when managing an Ajax system.

Security Automation

By automating smart homes with Ajax scenarios, we ensure that every command is seamlessly transmitted to the hub and executed flawlessly. 

About Ajax Systems

At Ajax, we believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear in today's world. They continually evolving security system gives people peace of mind. When you're under the reliable protection of Ajax, you're safe from thieves, fires or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people.