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FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke)

Wireless fire detector with heat and smoke sensors

Accuracy through steam, dust, and time

FireProtect 2 is a next-gen detector designed for residential fire safety. The unique smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning, the dual-spectrum sensor distinguishes smoke from steam, the thermistor quickly reacts to the synthetic materials burning, and sophisticated software minimizes false alarms. Thought-out design, mounting, and in-app settings make installation straightforward and quick. Everything meets the most modern fire safety standards.

Interconnected alarm in 20 seconds




85 dB built-in siren

Wherever there is a risk of fire

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

  • Hall

  • Home office

  • Pantry

  • Basement

  • Barn

  • Workshop

    Discover future-proof hardware


    Patented smoke chamber technology

    Encouraged by world standards and best practices, Ajax reaches an entirely new level of technology in residential fire safety with FireProtect 2. A unique smoke chamber that is dustproof and impenetrable for insects, a dual-spectrum optical sensor, and a proprietary HazeFlow 2 software algorithm guarantee the speed and accuracy of fire detection — ultimate safety with no stress about false alarms.

    Impenetrable for dust and insects

    The smoke chamber is designed with zero possibility of contamination that can affect detection. A unique circulation mechanism provides the optical sensor with an unobstructed field to quickly identify products of combustion in the air.

    "The FireProtect 2 smoke chamber does not require regular cleaning."

    Ignores сooking fumes and water steam

    The smoke chamber is hardwired with a dual-spectrum optical sensor that has blue and infrared LEDs with different wavelengths. It uses the most reliable real-time detection method, directly measuring the microparticle concentration in the air. This technology allows FireProtect 2 to determine the size of the volatile particles inside the chamber and respond only to smoke, ignoring vapour and water steam.

    Only real threats considered

    In-depth research on materials combustion resulted in HazeFlow 2 — a smoke detection algorithm developed by Ajax. The algorithm contemporaneously analyses and compares data from the dual-spectrum optical sensor to a specified pattern to define smoke from vapour or steam. The detector instantly raises the alarm when pattern dynamics indicate a real case of fire.

    Even when it's fire without smoke

    FireProtect 2 is equipped with two class A1R thermistors to detect smokeless fire threats. They give a significant advantage in detecting a rapid temperature rise when synthetic materials burn, or a fire starts from smoldering. Thermistors are located outside the enclosure to eliminate life-saving detection delays. So FireProtect 2 is ready to detect a fire as fast as possible, even if it starts imperceptibly.

    Heat alarm

    • 10°C increase in temperature within a minute
    • Exceeding +64°C

    Autonomous operation

    Stable performance for a decade

    Cutting-edge engineering of hardware and software allowed us to implement advanced capabilities and offer autonomy in the size of the compact smart detector. FireProtect 2 complies with strict residential fire safety standards with long-lasting battery life while featuring constant data exchange with a hub and real-time analysis system to filter false alarms. The detector is available in two versions with different battery options to cover every market need.

    SB version

    10 years of operation

    with non-replaceable sealed batteries

    RB version

    Up to 7 years of operation

    with replaceable CR123A batteries

    Low Battery Warning

    The detector reports low batteries at least 30 days before its full discharge. Installers and users get notifications from their Ajax apps. Also, FireProtect 2 has an LED indicator and audible beeps for a low battery alert.

    In-app notifications

    Audible indication

    LED indications

    Alarm System

    Always informed, everywhere

    For residential fire alarm systems, informing people about fire danger is the priority. FireProtect 2 is equipped with a powerful 85 dB siren to eliminate the risk of missing an alarm. The detector uses impossible-to-ignore tones with different patterns to indicate an alarm or event, so it’s easy to recognize the type of threat and react accordingly.

    Different sound and LED indications

    • Smoke or heat alarm
    • Malfunction
    • Low battery level
    • End of life

    Wireless interconnection

    All FireProtect 2 detectors can synchronously notify about the fire. As soon as one of them detects a threat, it only takes 20 seconds for the sirens of other fire detectors at the facility to activate. If the fire occurs at night, the volume of 85 dB can wake up even a deep sleeper.

    Interconnected fire alarm in 20 seconds

    Unleash the Ajax power

    The Ajax smart and complex ecosystem brings new standards to the fire safety industry. FireProtect 2 is ready to protect your home without an Ajax hub but can do even more when connected to it. Intuitive Ajax apps provide remote setup and all detector information in real-time from anywhere the Internet is available, on a smartphone or PC. With instant notifications, there is no chance of missing a fire alert, and scenarios let you automate fire security to enhance home protection while you’re away. A complete set with stable wireless communication — essential reliability tested over the years by nearly two million users.

    Only with Ajax

    Full monitoring for the building

    Data-rich notifications

    The system instantly notifies about alarms with the critical alerts from the Ajax apps. Security companies and users know exactly which device triggered, when and where it happened. The system controls each device state and reports if there is a malfunction or it's time to replace the batteries.

    Detailed event log

    The event log records 500 recent events within the system. The data is explicit with the device, time, and description of the event. It helps reconstruct the actual event and find the causes to obtain comprehensive information for firefighters or an insurance company.

    Monitoring with PRO Desktop

    With PRO Desktop, building administration staff can observe not only security but Ajax fire detectors for instant reaction to alarms. Device statuses, event log, batteries data — the CMS operator has a complete picture in one intuitive interface, all informative and centralized. The installation engineer can remotely change the settings and provide services in time.

    Unique wireless technologies

    The Ajax system uses two-way secure radio communication based on the Jeweller proprietary protocol. It supports block cipher encryption and device authentication on every session with the hub to prevent sabotage, spoofing, or data theft.

    Ajax wireless technology has up to 1,700 meters of radio signal communication range in an open space, making it on average longer than competing solutions from different manufacturers. Automatic power adjustment makes it energy efficient by not using the maximum power of radio transmitters in system devices on a regular basis. It is also more stable, using less noisy radio frequencies. Ajax hubs use radio hopping to protect against radio interference and signal interception. The system automatically changes frequency within a band and notifies the security company and users about the jamming.

    Up to 1,700 meters of radio communication with a hub

    Encrypted two-way radio communication

    Notifications about jamming and connection loss

    Only with Ajax

    Scaled and comprehensive

    For complex radio signal conditions like large houses with thick walls or warehouses with several buildings, there is the ReX range extender. It boosts the range of all Ajax devices and manages their communication with the hub via Jeweller. And ReX 2 assures stable communication even through steel and concrete via Ethernet using the wire as the additional communication channel. Up to 5 range extenders can operate within one Ajax system to expand the network twice as big, covering underground parking, basements, and metal hangars.

    Up to 5 range extenders within one system

    Ethernet as an alternative communication channel

    Security on a big estate and large facilities

    Coverage of basements and underground parking