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Wireless addressable leak detector

Constant control. Instant notifications.

LeaksProtect can be placed even in hard-to-reach places. It doesn't require installation, goes years without maintenance, and works 24/7. If your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks, the detector will react immediately and report an accident. And if the facility has an anti-flooding system, Ajax will automatically shut off water supply.

Wherever there is a risk of flood

Miniature LeaksProtect detectors will fit anywhere, where water leaks are likely to happen. The device height is only 14 mm.

Under the sink

Under the bathtub

Under the washing machine

In the sewer riser

Under the dishwasher

In the bolier room

    Effective minimalism

    Whichever side water reaches the detector, it immediately raises an alarm. The four sides of the LeaksProtect have contact pairs. If at least one of them contacts water, the detector reports a leak. When the contacts dry out and open, it notifies you that the leakage has stopped.
    • Battery Operation
      5 Years
    • Works
    • Device Housing

    Against small leaks and big floods

    LeaksProtect detectors can protect from flood both small apartments and commercial centres/industrial complexes. If an accident happens, informative notifications will let you know where to send the plumbers.
    • Up to 200 detectors in the system
    • Name and room of the detector location in the notification

    Anti-flooding and water supply management

    LeaksProtect leak detectors paired with WaterStop electric shutoff valve can build a smart water leak prevention system for remote or automatic water supply control.
    • Automatic water shutoff when a leak is detected
    • Automatic water shutoff when the system is armed/disarmed
    • Manual water shutoff via the app
    • Scheduled water supply

    Guaranteed alarm delivery

    We have developed the Jeweller radio protocol to ensure uninterrupted interaction of all security system devices. The radio protocol uses frames to synchronize device communication sessions, authentication to prevent forgery, and encryption to protect against data theft. Also, the protocol is energy-efficient: the detectors run for years on the bundled batteries.
    • Two-sided connection on up to
      1300 meters
    • Number of signal range extenders
      5 in the system
    • Alarm delivery in
      0.15 seconds
    • Adjustable ping interval from
      12 seconds